Country Of Origin Labelling Update
Minor Amendment To The Information Standard Affecting Food Retailers Only

The Department of Industry, Innovation and Science recently advised about a minor amendment to the Country of Origin Labelling changes.

A small change has been made to the Country of Origin Food Labelling Information Standard 2016 which will impact anyone selling unpackaged food products. This change removes mandatory minimum font sizes for CoOL displayed in association with unpackaged food, and fruit and vegetables in transparent packaging. CoOL displayed in association with food is now subject to the same provisions as CoOL for packaged foods – that is, it must be legible, prominent and distinctive and in English. Additionally, the standard now requires any signage displayed in association with unpackaged food to be in close proximity to the relevant product.


The Style Guide, available from has been updated to reflect this change. The government continues to encourage retailers to consider using the minimum font sizes suggested in the Style Guide.

With less than 12 months left until the new Information Standard becomes mandatory, don’t forget that a number of resources are on offer to assist you in implementing the new requirements:

Online tool

Style Guide and label library

ACCC Guide to country of origin labelling for food


We hope this information is of assistance.

Don’t forget that any products that are imported or contain imported ingredients will need to have an updated label to bear the “ACO” logo rather than the “Australian” logo to assist consumers understand Country of Origin!

Any questions about your labels or the use of the ACO logo please contact the office at or (07) 3350 5706.