EU Logo Facts and Country codes

Recap on  labelling requirements for products exported to EU   EU certified operations  must use the EU leaf logo on products.  The logo and labelling guidelines can be downloaded from the EU website Products carrying the EU logo or

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Change of Certification Status

CHANGE OF CERTIFICATION STATUS Please note that the following clients are no longer Certified with Australian Certified Organic: TRADING NAME CERT NO. DATE REASON Native Oils Australia Pty Ltd 11576 21/4/17 Voluntary Withdrawal  

EU Organic Scope of Certification

This is a reminder that EU organic regulations only cover certification of edible agricultural products. Important changes have been made to the organic certification of non-food products to the EU Equivalency Program. ACO has been informed by our control body

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ACO Standard 2016

The 2016 ACO Standard  (Australian Certified Organic Standard 2016, version 1.0) has been released, initially as a text-only electronic version. This includes Annex VI, which outlines specific requirements for ACO’s EU organic certification program. A second version will be released

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EUROPEAN COMMISSION Organic Food Safety Alert

SUBJECT: PRODUCT RECALL. ATROPINE IN ORGANIC BABY FOOD APPLE PEAR MILLET FROM SWITZERLAND, PACKAGED IN GERMANY ACO certified operators take note that the European Commission has notified certification bodies of a health alert to a ORGANIC BABY FOOD APPLE PEAR

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