The following clients have withdrawn from certification with ACO due to the cancellation of the auditing agreement between ACO and CHTC.

DateTrading NameCert No.
06-02-2018Anhui Huayin Camellia Oil Co.Ltd12551
06-02-2018Anhui Organic Edible Fungus Cultivation Base (Jilin Province)12591
06-02-2018Anhui Organic Edible Fungus Cultivation Base (Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province)12592
06-02-2018Anhui Organic Edible Fungus Cultivation Base (Suqian City, Jiangsu Province)12593
06-02-2018Anhui Organic Edible Fungus Cultivation Base (Zhejiang Province)12594
06-02-2018Ba Zhou Zi Fan Agricultural Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd12398
06-02-2018Baicheng County Qibao Family Farm12286
06-02-2018Bazhou Qi Sheng Yuan Wolfberry Planting Cooperatives12495
06-02-2018Beijing Mingshi Ecological Agricultural Park12568
06-02-2018Beijing Yongletong Agriculture & Forestry Science & Technology Development Co.,Ltd12579
06-02-2018Binzhou City Zhanhua District NONGBANGNONG Production Materials Co., Ltd12443
06-02-2018Delingha Lvtong Planting Stock Co Ltd12052
06-02-2018Guizhou Wucui Mingxiang Ecological Development Co Ltd12017
06-02-2018Heilongjiang Red Star Group Food Co. Ltd12563
06-02-2018Hunan Linzhishen Linyun Camellia Technology Development Biotechnology Co. Ltd12086
06-02-2018Hunan Tianhua Camellia Technology Stock Co. Ltd12177
06-02-2018Jiangsu Zhenya Bio Technology Co.,Ltd12502
06-02-2018JiangXi YiDan Dao Liang Food Co., Ltd.12550
06-02-2018Jining Lima Flora Co., Ltd12470
06-02-2018Karamay City Yunqi Wolfberry Farmer Cooperatives12519
06-02-2018Pu'er Hongyuan Tea Co.,Ltd12444
06-02-2018Song Huang Ecological Tea Industry Limited Company Refined Tea Branch12462
06-02-2018Suihua City BeiLin District Yongan Town Dachengfu Rice Farmer Cooperatives12458
06-02-2018Wenshan Jingyuan Agricultural Development Co. Ltd12520
06-02-2018Xinjiang Baiguo Jiayuan Green Agriculture Development Co., Ltd.12598
06-02-2018Xinjiang Cheng Ming Modern Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd.12463
06-02-2018Xinjiang Yiyun Manor Wine Industry Co. Ltd11956
06-02-2018XiShuang BanNa Yun Bao Tea Co.,Ltd.12445
06-02-2018ZhongGuo RiSheng (Beijing) Ecological Agriculture Co., Ltd12389