EU Organic Scope of Certification

This is a reminder that EU organic regulations only cover certification of edible agricultural products.

Important changes have been made to the organic certification of non-food products to the EU Equivalency Program. ACO has been informed by our control body that non-food products (such as essential oils) can no longer be certified organic under the EU Organic Regulation as these regulations now only cover food products. This change is one ACO has to enact as it is a requirement imposed by the control body that allows us to offer certification services to the EU Regulations.

This change effects you if you have non-food products listed as EU certified organic.

What this means:
– Non-food products (essential oils etc.) will no longer be certified organic to the “EU” on your certificates of compliance;
– Any exports of non-food products to the European Union will have to go on a transaction certificate stating compliance with the ACO Standard rather than the EU Equivalency Program;
– Labels and product approvals for non-food products given to the EU Regulations are no longer valid;
– You must cease using the EU logo on any product labelling, marketing materials or otherwise for any non-food products.

If you believe your products can be classified as food products (such as natural flavours or similar) you may have these products certified organic under the EU Equivalency Program if you are able to supply documentation to this effect.

ACO does not expect this to effect exports, however if you have any concerns or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the ACO Office for clarification or discussion on (07) 3350 5706 or via email at

Kind Regards,

Elizabeth Bradley
General Manager – Certification
Australian Certified Organic