Fraudulent Certificates

Fraudulent Certificate Notification

As organic industry booms around the world, so does the need to be extra vigilant with checking credibility of the suppliers who claim they are or have certified organic products. It is the operators responsibility to obtain and validate minimum necessary documentation which establishes whether the supplier is legitimately certified before purchasing..  If you are not familiar with a supplier you plan to use, it makes sense to check on the certifier’s website whether or not the organic certificate provided  matches the details on the certifier’s list.

Did you know? It is an accreditation requirement that all certification bodies list their certified operators online?

Here are some examples of certifier’s online listings: ACO, USDA NOPCERES, BCS oko Garantie, Control union, IMO, many many more.

The following is an example of fraudulent certificate.

Note that one or more pieces of information on organic certificate can be manipulated but is not limited to: company name, addresses, reference numbers,  date of expiry, date of issue,  standard scopes, product list. Considering that all organic certificates expire on annual basis, can you the most obvious manipulation?

If you are using this supplier please contact ACO office as soon as possible at 07 3350 57066