Fair trade

What is fairtrade?

The following summarises the requirements of clients applying for ACO Fair Trade certification:

  1. Recognised Fair Trade programs under ACO will include – IMO, FLO, FairTrade USA,  Ecocert Fair Trade and Soil Association Ethical Trade
  2. All products must be certified organic.
  3. Fair Trade Organic will only be available to Wholesalers and Processors.
  4. To add Fair Trade Organic products to an operator’s certificate they need to complete the additional product application form
  5. As with organic requirements, current Fair Trade certificates must be submitted
  6. Each link has to be Fair Trade certified i.e. producer through to processor.
  7. Fair Trade Organic will be incorporated into the annual organic audit with this option available in the processor and wholesaler audit reports.  There needs to be an audit trail for fair trade product
  8. Products will be listed on the operator’s organic certificate e.g. Organic Wheat (Fair Trade)