Organic growers of australia

OGA Small Producer Program

Organic Growers of Australia Certified (OGA) is Australia’s first certification service to specifically cater for the needs of the smaller organic producer (less $75K gross income annually). OGA growers have the benefit of reduced costs and a simplified certification process.

Even though the OGA program follows the same organic standards as the ACO certification program, OGA growers may only sell on the domestic market ( markets, local retailers etc) as this service is not accredited by overseas programs.

The Organic Growers of Australia certification system was designed to be ethical, cost-effective, and charge no levies on organic sales. We have an excellent reputation across both trade and industry for organic quality and reliability.

History of OGA

OGA started as the Northern Rivers Herb Growers Association in 1989 in the Northern Rivers region of NSW when a small group of enthusiastic farmers came together to discuss herb growing at a time when it was practically non-existent in Australia

With a growing interest in organic production the group underwent a name change to Organic Herb Growers of Australia, and then again to Organic Growers of Australia as it quickly developed into a body which audited not only herb growers, but farmers and processors Australia-wide; producing everything from fruit and vegetables, to herbs, tree and field crops, bush foods, livestock and processed goods.

On 29th October 2006 at the Organic Growers of Australia Incorporated (OGA Inc) Annual General Meeting, OGA members voted almost unanimously to merge the OGA certification program into the Australian Organic Limited Group (formerly BFA). Since the 1st July 2007, Australian Organic Limited has offered OGA certification as a dedicated program servicing smaller Producers who do not export or sell to exporters.


OGA is a program for small producers, with a gross annual income of less than $75,000, to become certified organic. The process is simpler and less expensive than other organic programs, making it accessible and user-friendly for the smaller producer.

The process takes three years for full certified organic status to be achieved; with the first year classed as Pre-Certification and the next two years as In Conversion (IC). Producers are audited annually and contingent on successful audits their products can be labelled Fully Certified (A) Grade Organic after three years.

As a client of OGA you will be able to market your produce at farmers’ markets, local shops, from your farm gate or via box scheme home deliveries. OGA is for the domestic market only.