Canada (COR)

The Canada Organic Regime (COR) is the Government of Canada’s response to requests by the organic sector and consumers to develop a regulated system for organic agricultural products. The Organic Products Regulations (the Regulations) define specific requirements for organic products to be labelled as organic or that bear the organic agricultural product legend (logo). The regulations came into effect on June 30, 2009.
The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) is responsible for the monitoring and enforcement of the Regulations. Under the Regime, Certification Bodies are accredited based on the recommendation of CFIA designated Conformity Verification Bodies. The Certification Bodies are responsible for verifying the application of the Canadian Organic Standards.
Operators must develop an organic production system based on the Canadian Organic Standards and have their products certified under the Canada Organic Regime in order to export to Canada. Please note that, because of Canada and USDA organic equivalency arrangement, USDA NOP certification also allows you to access to Canadian market.
Use of the COR organic logo is voluntary.
The logo is only permitted on products that have an organic content that is greater than 95% and has been certified according to Canadian requirements for organic products.
Imported products must meet the requirements of the Canada Organic Regime. Should imported products bear the logo, the statement “Product of”, immediately preceding the name of the country of origin, or the statement “Imported from”, must appear in close proximity to the logo or the designations.
You can access the COR standard here