Thank you for your interest in becoming certified with China Organic Food Certification Center (COFCC) through the ACO - COFCC Partnership Agreement.

Please find linked documents which comprise our Information Kit and which outline the process of becoming certified through the COFCC Chinese certification program.

You will find linked the application form and the Questionnaire:

COFCC encourages that the Producer and Processor are combined to form a Project, which may offer the cost and time efficient way to have your supply chain certified to Chinese organic regulation. Please choose the relevant for your combination of operations when you complete the Questionnaire(s).

China Organic Standards GBT19630 requires that each applicant have a sound organic management system (Part 4: Management System). The system must be submitted for successful review before your chinese audit can be allocated.

The required document lists can be found at the following links:

If you wish to have a cost estimate before you decide to go for Chinese certification, please complete the Info for Quoting Form

You can download a copy of the Organic Standard for free online by clicking China Organic Standards GBT19630

To apply for certification:

  • Please complete the Certification Application form as appropriate and return it with your payment to our office
  • Please also return your completed the relevant Questionnaire(s).
  • Please also send required documents as required by Part 4 Management Sysytem of the China Organic Standards GBT19630. The document lists can be referred above.

Please ensure that you sign and have witnessed the documents where indicated, especially the Statutory Declaration which requires initials and dating at the bottom of each page plus full signatures of JP and yourself and date where marked

Please ensure that you sign and sealed the relevant documents where indicated, especially the Application Form and the Questionnaire(s) which requires signature and company seal.

Should you require assistance in completing your Certification Application please contact:

ACO Certification Ltd on or 07 3350 5706