Thank you for contacting our office to advise of your interest to transfer from the OGA Certification program to the ACO Certification program.

Please note the application fee will be waived for those transferring from OGA to ACO.

You will find linked:

You can download a copy of the Organic Standard for free online by clicking HERE

To apply for certification:

  • Please complete the documents at your earliest convenience in order to proceed, as the  paperwork must be completed and a document review undertaken, prior to an audit occurring.
  • If you have an audit already booked, we may need to reallocate another auditor to conduct the ACO audit.

Should you require assistance in completing your Certification Application please contact:

Cheryl Vaughan                                    Ph 07 3350 5706

ACO Organic Certification

ACO Certification Ltd is Australia’s premier certifier of organic produce. ACO maintains conformance with most leading organic standards internationally for worldwide market access. The ACO Bud logo is now the guarantee of organic integrity on approximately 80% of certified organic products in the marketplace.

Allowed Inputs/ Product Registration

Allowed Inputs & Approved Products Registration. There are some products which cannot be classified as organic eg: water, salt, compost, rock minerals, etc. If a product is not organic by nature (not grown from soil), however is deemed suitable as an ingredient in organic systems or made up of natural ingredients, the BFA registration program can give licence for use of the Australian Organic logo on product labelling. The Australian logo is now well-known on Australian Organic registered gardening inputs, cleaning products, some cosmetic products, bottled water, salt and many other products.

Note: Australian Organic (formerly BFA) products are NOT ‘Certified Organic’.

Australian Organic Membership


NOTE: Membership is not included in certification services.

For further information on any of the above services contact Australian Organic:

Ph: (07) 3350 5706;  Email:   Web: