10 Reasons why You Should Choose Australian Certified Organic!

Market access:ACO provides market advantage based on compliance to some of the highest standards available for organic worldwide: Australia, Europe and Taiwan (AQIS), Japan (JAS), US (USDA NOP), international (IFOAM), Korea and others.
CHOICE:Award winner for transparency, recognition and trust: ACO is the winner of the CHOICE Award for Best Food Endorsement Program in 2010 based upon the transparency of the program and its recognition and trust within industry and by consumers. The Organic Bud is found on an estimated 80% of certified organic products in the Australian marketplace.
Technical support: ACO offers highly qualified and skilled management, auditors and certification staff for ensuring you have the best support and backing of your certification program.
Industry/ commercial support:ACO’s parent company, Australian Organic Ltd, provides invaluable market support for ACO clients including trade links, organic information, networking opportunities, market research and more.
Experience:Established in 1987, Australian Organic and Australian Certified Organic have over 30 years experience working specifically for the organic industry.
Combined farm safety certification:Having Freshcare trained auditors enables ACO to provide savings for clients requiring both organic and farm safety certification.
Promotion of the organic industry:Funds from Australian Certified Organic clients go directly towards promotion of the Bud logo and the Australian organic industry. The Australian Organic Ltd publications, events, media and other work has been invaluable in raising the profile of the overall industry over many years.
Not-for-profit, democratic industry organisation:ACO is part of a nonprofit group owned by industry members. The Australian Organic Group operates on a democratic structure whereby members elect the Australian Organic ( formerly BFA) and Australian Certified Organic Boards annually.
Professional friendly staff:Australian Organic and Australian Certified Organic’s efficient and friendly staff hold respect for your operation and products and will do whatever they can do to give you the best and most professional service possible.
Commercial focus:The Australian Organic Group has a vision for profitably and sustainably meeting the needs of a growing base of well-informed consumers demanding certified organic foods and fibres.