ACO Board Members

Joe Siegel

Chairman, Australian Certified Organic Pty Ltd

After decades in the conventional meat and food industry, Joe was drawn in by Philosopher Steven Covey’s purposeful statement, to live, to love, to learn and to leave a legacy. What better way but be a contributor to the Organic Industry. Not only to protect and promote health of our consumers, to protect soils of course, but also the farmers who till them.

With an extensive employment history in management as well as ground level production and wholesale within the meat industry, Joe brings a wealth of knowledge and understanding to his role of Chairman, ACO.

Various business management, personnel management and quality assurance courses over many years of line and management responsibility have provided him with the desire to transform organisations, at Board level, by facilitating the acceleration of transitional and strategic plans.

Joe is currently a Maverick Biosciences Board Member, as well as an investor in Property Syndication. After a period as a Board Advisor to ACO has now taken on the Chairmanship with our Group.

Don Fraser

Director, Australian Certified Organic Pty Ltd

Don has been involved in the food retail industry for the last 40 years in Australia and Internationally. As a founding Executive Director of Australian Safeway Stores for 17 years, he was instrumental in developing the chain as a recognized fresh food leader in the supermarket industry. His food retailing career extended to senior management roles in the USA, UK, Spain, Asia and Australasia, including CEO appointments.

Today he is involved as an advisor/consultant to the food industry. He draws on this broad experience to advise all sectors of the food industry.

In recent years Don has been deeply involved in the organic food industry, assessing overseas trends and the applicability to Australia. His clients include organic food manufacturers, wholesalers and food retailers, advising on development strategy in all facets of the organic sector.

He was Chairman of the RIRDC Organic Produce Research and Development Council – funded by the Federal Government to advance the organic industry in Australia.

To contact Joe or Don, please email or phone (07) 3350 5706.