Cottage Industry

Cottage Industries cover processed products that are produced and processed on farm, some examples of cottage industries include Jams and pickled fruit.

If processing is conducted on farm procedures need to be in place to the all processing activities.

In certain circumstances where primary producers have in-house processing facilities, exemption may be allowed for certification as a separate preparation facility. The following conditions are required for this to be acceptable:

  1. Such an operation shall occur within the existing certified farm unit and shall not occur in a separate off-site facility;
  2. Such an operation shall source primary agricultural produce only from the certified farm unit that it is based on. Exempt inputs may include preserving, marinating and related aids, including sugar, honey, vinegar, herbs and spices, which may be required in addition to fresh or other certified primary agricultural produce from the certified farm unit

The cottage industry requirements are covered under section 6.1.38 of the Australian Certified Organic Standard.