Register a Complaint or Appeal a Certification Decision

Appeal a Certification Decision

At all times, a certified operator has the right to appeal certification decisions by ACO Certification Ltd.

Appeals must be submitted in writing to the office within 30 days from receipt of notification to

An appeals committee is to meet and deliberate on the operator’s appeal with all relevant documentation relating to the decision. The committee will then deliberate and decide to sustain or deny the appeal and communicate this to relevant parties accordingly.

Register your Complaint

Should you have any concerns or complaints, please submit these by following the instructions below.

Examples of issues you may want to bring to our attention:

  • Are we, as a service provider, assisting you with timely service?
  • Have you seen a product claiming 'certified organic' without holding certification? (Please note that within Australia there is currently no regulation around the word 'organic', therefore companies/businesses can make this claim without actually holding organic certification with a registered certification body.
  • Have you seen evidence of an ACO client not upholding the regulations within the ACO Standard? E.g. incorrect labelling?
First Name* Last Name* Phone* Email* Name of Product* Name of Manufacturer/owner* Are you aware of any products claiming "Certified Organic" or "Organic" without certification details?

Where have you seen the misrepresentations?

Other Complaints / Further Details

Do you wish to be contacted to futher explain the information you have provided?