ACO Contact List

Name Role Email
Sachin Ayachit General Manager of Certification
Mark Shaw Executive General Manager

Debbie Yare Quality Assurance Systems
Kalinda Hanna Client Services Team Leader
Kristi Rasmussen Client Services Officer
Meghan Howe Administration Officer

Jane Smith Exports and Administration Officer
Kim Patrick Audits Co-Ordinator
Resara Withana Finance Control Officer
Elke Rohfl Finance Officer

Sarah Prasad Certification Team Leader (Processor)
Michael Holford Senior Certification Officer (Producer)
Kate Allan Senior Certification Officer (Producer)
Aishah Osman Certification Officer (Processor)
Lachlan Brooks Certification Officer (Processor)
Ruwi Jayasuriya Certification Officer (Processor)
Corinna Roth Certification Officer (Cosmetics)
Georgia Limn Certification Officer (Cosmetics)


For all General Enquires please contact the team on (07) 3350 5706 or and you will be directed accordingly.