Freshcare is an industry owned, not-for-profit on-farm assurance program, established and maintained to service the Australian fresh produce industry. Freshcare is currently the largest Australian assurance program for fresh produce; proudly providing food safety, quality and environmental certification services to over 5000 businesses nationally. The foundations of the Freshcare Program are the user-friendly Standards and detailed training support materials. The Freshcare Standards describe the practices required to provide assurance that fresh produce is safe to eat, meets customer specifications and legislative requirements; and has been produced with care for the environment.

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ACO currently offers certification to:

The Freshcare Standards are versatile and user-friendly, created to be implemented as stand-alone programs or integrated as one combined assurance system. The Freshcare Standards can also be incorporated with other quality, food safety and farm management schemes such organic certification.

The Freshcare Food Safety & Quality Standards are also approved base standards for HARPS.

ACO is able to conduct the Freshcare audit in conjunction with the ACO annual audit or as a stand alone audit. This will assist in a couple of different ways with audit management during the year and the cost saving of having both audits conducted at the same time.

Freshcare FSQ4.2 and SCS2 are benchmarked to Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). This ensures continued access to markets around the world for Australian produce.

For further information, please contact Freshcare or 1300 853 508.

ACO Certification Ltd is accredited by IOAS for the scope of product certification. Registration number: 39. Please refer IOAS Accredited Bodies for current information.