Testing and Compliance

Certification is a continuous process that is managed by our Certification Technical Team here at ACO Certification Ltd.

Organic consumers have a right to expect detailed information about the food they are purchasing, and product labelling requirements are constantly changing. ACO can assist clients with testing during product development for qualities including flavour, texture, and nutrition. In addition to testing services we can further assist clients with interpreting and describing the nutritional qualities of their products.

Testing is also an integral part of Organic Certification. As required by different Organic Standards ACO conducts independent residue sampling for Soil, Tissue, Processed Products, Meat, Fresh Produce, Fertilisers, Pesticides, Composts, and variety of other Certified Organic Products.

To meet our accreditation requirements, ACO conducts an Annual Residue Testing program to sample a minimum of 5% of all products certified with ACO.

ACO also conduct a mandatory soil test at the initial audit of primary producers.

Contact our dedicated Technical Officer, Ruwi Jayasuriya, about your testing requirements.
You can contact Ruwi on (07) 3350 5706 or ruwi.jayasuriya@aco.net.au