Licensee Processing

I would like to have a Contract Processor to make organic fruit juice for me and sell this under my brand name. Since I don’t actually make the product, does this make me a Wholesaler?

No, you will be classified as a Licensee Processor if you do not handle the product at all.

As a brand owner it is good to establish early on the following items:

  • Who will own the formulas
  • Who will manufacture your formulas (what country?)
  • Where you may want to export
  • Are your contractors certified, if so, do their certifications cover your potential Export countries
  • Are your distributors certified?
Benefits or becoming a certified brand owner:
  • Keeping your manufacturer confidential
  • Create and approve your own formulas
  • Receive your own ‘Bud’ logo for marketing purposes
  • Consistent labelling- if you change or use multiple manufacturers this will not impact your labels